True photography, no matter what the style, is an interplay of three main categories: technique, mind and spirit. Often a photographer [or studio] will emphasize or specialize in one category or another. We believe in the full potential of all photography. Like all art forms, in order to produce great photography one is required to look beyond the medium and into onself. We believe this process requires all three aspects to be developed in unison.

Techniques are the fundamental concept that make up any art. They are mastered over years, even decades of practice; and can and are always improved upon. The ability to bring technique and mind in unison happen only after consistent practice and discipline. To truly bring about this process the photographer must be “in the moment”–all mental faculties focused on the task at hand. In this way one sees the subject from a unique perspective and is able to capture that on film. From this perspective one can bring others to that place for a moment. There is no mistaking an individual who has reached this level, the photographs say something that often can't be described in just a few words.

These three concepts: technique, mind and spirit are required to create fine photographic prints. No matter what the intended usage of our photography, this is the level we aspire to; a level of aesthetic refinement, beauty and sophistication.


A great photo reveals inner beauty, strength, expression and essence. Whether it's a portrait, portfolio, fashion, or commercial photo; the expression and feeling defines its message and intent. Not only must the photograph be the best it could in terms of quality, it must also include the elements of posture, expression and feeling. These elements must conform to the photos intended purpose. Our studio can make all this happen.

Our studios are fully equipped with an array of cameras and lights for every need. We have a very comfortable setting for photographer, model or client. We have full capabilities for any assignment, whether film or digital, on a small or large scale. So, if it's a portfolio you need, family portraits, a fashion shoot, commercial shoot, or just great pictures, East Way Photography is ready and able to meet your needs: creatively and efficiently.


Master Photographer:

George R. Parulski Jr. MPR, APP, APA
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Certified Photographer
Master Photographer Regnant
Certified Master Craftsman

Studio Manager / Staff Photographer:

Amanda Lloyd

Network Engineer / Web Operations:

Stephen White

Grip / Set Manager:

Zakhar Goviadinov

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