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East Way Photography provides a wide range of digital & film commercial photography services. We produce work from high resolution images for print—to web ready use.

Our images are always tailored to meet your needs. They come with three decades of expertise in color management, post processing and high quality reproduction. At East Way Photography we understand that successful commercial photography requires choosing and presenting a subject to achieve the desired effect. We aim to produce photography that displays all product [general and specific] attributes in an eye-catching and informative nature for brochures, catalogues, magazines, display stands and/or web use. We can also provide high quality prints of images to special order.

Our aim is to help you get the most from your images. Our services do not stop when you get the pictures. We can help with usage, color management, and production issues. We can work with clients, graphic designers, and advertising and publishing specialists.

All our production, file saving, preparation and proofing conform to Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (UPDIG) standards. UPDIG is "a working group of digital imaging professionals and allied trade groups and manufacturers, dedicated to promoting worldwide standards in the commercial application of digital imaging."

Often we can fit in work at only a few days notice (rush fees apply), especially for smaller items. Our aim is to accommodate your requirements and provide commercial product photography that fits in with your plans.

We produce the images you want:

Easy to use Images: High technical quality to meet your needs.
No hidden costs: All our prices are clear and up front.

We fully guarantee the quality of our work. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get the photographic images you want.

Our other Photographic services:

Event, Public Relations, Corporate and Venue Photography

  Our photography services are also available for these events and we supply high quality images for publicity and promotional purposes. Our aim is to capture the atmosphere and for events, convey much more than just a record of who was there.

Interior Photography

Interior photography for designers, architects and housing developers.

Industrial Photography

Photography that shows detailed aspects of industrial equipment, for displays, trade stands, brochures and web use.

Landscape Photography

We provide commercial landscape photography for brochures, events and exhibitions.

Food Photography

We provide custom photography for magazines, brochures, menus, events and exhibitions.

Illustrative/Editorial Photography

Photography developed for magazine covers, company reports, magazine/journal articles, and brochures.

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