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Fashion photography constitutes one of the most important areas of our visual culture. It can be seen that the distinctions between editorial and advertising as well as fine art and commercial photography have, through the last decade, cross-fertilized; this has created a diverse creative territory for the photographer.

However, a good fashion photographer is more than somebody who takes good pictures. He or she must also have that artistic touch to make clothes and their models look their best artistically yet adhering to marketability. At East Way Photography, we produce fashion shots and fashion stories that fit with today’s fashion magazines.

We possess the technical and artistic skills to ensure a professional photo shoot. We can help with usage, color management, and production issues. We can work with clients, graphic designers, and advertising and publishing specialists. We make sure that we have the right location, equipment and crew organized and most important for the client, staying within the budget.

Our images are always tailored to meet your needs. They come with three decades of expertise in color management, post processing and high quality reproduction. At East Way Photography we understand that successful fashion photography requires choosing and presenting a subject to achieve the desired effect. We aim to produce photography that displays all product [general and specific] attributes in an eye-catching and informative nature for brochures, catalogues, magazines, display stands and/or web use. We can also provide high quality prints of images to special order.

We can produce the images you want. Whether it is fashion shoot for brochures, catalogues, magazines, or for those who have a burning desire to become a professional fashion model, or anyone who wishes to have fashion images for fun.

We fully guarantee the quality of our work. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get the photographic images you want.

East Way Photography

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