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Whether it is business, formal, family, senior (academic), engagement, pre-bridal or individual portraits, we create beautiful portraiture that you will cherish forever. We have a casual, friendly and fun yet, professional atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

The primary component in great portraiture is personality. If you have ideas for poses or themes to the session, let us know. Bring your favorite hat, jacket, or musical instrument. If you have a favorite hobby or sport, those elements may be incorporated as well. If you and your family prefer the unrivaled quality of a studio produced portrait, you are encouraged to bring those things that have special meaning to you.

We also do photography at your location. We encourage you to be photographed at a location that has special meaning for you such as at your home, the old family homestead, or even on your boat down by the river! We strive to capture images that show your interests or activities such as at your favorite fishing or hunting spot, as you and your family conquer the trails on your ATV’s, or are ready to hit the road on your Harley or in your Hotrod or Restored Classic. As you enjoy these “environmental” portraits through the years, special memories of that place will stir your heart and make it a treasured family keepsake. We can also create portraits that rival classical painting by allowing us full control of light in our studio. On location, or the studio: the choice is yours.

Use your imagination and bring anything that will make your portrait your own. Relax and have a good time. You'll like the results you get when you have fun during your photography session. When you enjoy yourself, your expressions will be more natural and appealing, and people will notice the positive difference when they see your portraits.

We fully guarantee the quality of our work. Contact us today and help us help you to look your best!


Be sure to get a good night’s rest:

  We go over your images to correct the color, brightness and contrast, and sometimes minor retouching. However, nothing compares with getting a good night’s sleep the night (or a couple days) before the photo session. This is the key to naturally beautiful and relaxed photos. Being too tired can affect skin color, create puffy or sunken in eyes. Tired people make tired photographs. Use Visine eye drops (or similar) to remove any redness from your eyes.

Pick flattering outfits for the session:

  We will discuss your wardrobe prior to the shoot. However, and most importantly, you should like the outfits you bring, and feel comfortable wearing them. Variety is also important (combination of dressy and casual outfits).
  Ladies: Most ladies choose dresses (formal), sweater, a nice blouse and lace work for a more traditional look. Create excitement in a chic evening gown, party dress, mini skirt or short shorts with a camisole. Avoid turtlenecks, cowl necks, busy patterns, and uncomfortable, tight clothing. Chemises, teddies and one or two-piece swimwear are other exciting outfits that have been chosen. For Boudoir, suggestive, semi-nude or (figure) nude photos (if requested) require the individual to be at least 18 years or older. (None under 18.) Be as conservative or provocative as you wish!
  Men: For a traditional or formal look, wear a suit or sport coat with a neatly pressed shirt and tie. Most men also choose to go with a more casual look: an open collar shirt, sweater, jeans, sweat suit. For casual photos, comfort is the rule.   Children: Follow the same rules depending upon the style of portraiture.
  For a more contemporary touch, feel free to do your own thing. Bring whatever is in vogue for you. We’ll try to capture your total personality.

Do your hair and base make up prior to the shoot:

  By doing this, you’ll arrive at the session ready to be photographed. (This does not apply if you are hiring make up/styling professionals).

Hygiene/appearance check:

  Eat lightly a few hours before the shoot. Brush and floss your teeth. Nails should be neatly manicured. Be sure nail polish is not chipped. Make sure (for men) beards are neatly groomed and even.

Facial expressions and poses:

  Don’t worry, you don't have to be a model to have breathtaking photos. Practice different poses in front of a full-length mirror. Use poses that flatter your figure, and be creative! Versatile facial expressions are just as important.

Be punctual:

  Please arrive on time, not before or after your scheduled appointment. You will be more relaxed if you’re not rushing to or from somewhere. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please call (585) 633-7521 a few days (or more if possible) before the shoot.

We Photograph Pets!

  Whether you have a dog, cat, ferret, horse, cow or a white Bengal Tiger, we invite you to bring your pet along for your session or for their own pet portrait. BUT for people who are ALLERGIC to pets, we highly recommend that you be photographed at your location. Please let us know if you suffer from any allergies or other health problems that could affect your sitting so we can do our best to accommodate your needs.

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