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It only happens once, a single day, one of the most important ones in your life. Let it be a source of enjoyment, not pressure. Surround yourselves with professionals who are dedicated to documenting your day, your memories.

As the photographers and chroniclers of this very special occasion, we are your eyes for this very important moment in time. We take pleasure in the opportunity to paint these memories onto film. For 25 years, we have been crafting traditional, natural style and fine art wedding photography.

Trust your day and memories to the professionals at East Way Photography.

For a more complete description of our packages and services, please download the wedding forms located at the middle navigational pane of this page. Please feel free to call us or email us with any questions that you may have.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions of our services:

Do you have set wedding photography packages?

  Yes. We offer a variety of packages. Please download the Wedding Price List from the "Downloads" section of this page.

How do we see more samples of your work?

  We are constantly updating this website and rotating our images to give a full representation of our work.

Who will be taking the photographs?

  Our photographers have over 25 years experience. You may learn more about us by clicking here. For Basic wedding packages, we use a main photographer & lighting assistant. Deluxe packages use a main photographer, lighting assistant & assistant photographer.

Do you use digital or film photography?

  We utilize digital & film in our wedding photography. Our philosophy has always been to use the best tool to create the best picture.

Do you out source your photography?

  We are a complete photography studio. We process and print all our photos using high-end photo printers. We do not use an outside photo-processing lab.

Do you fix, retouch and add and extras to the pictures?

  We go over your images to correct the color, brightness and contrast, and sometimes minor retouching. In addition, we spend hours in our digital darkroom, creating special images for you. We hand pick images that represent the emotions of your day and enhance them to reflect those emotions. All images done with taste, style and craftsmanship.

What types of proofs may we expect?

  We provide a CD-ROM or DVD of all wedding proofs. Deluxe packages include a workbook with scaled down watermarked samples for proofing purposes.

How are our photographs delivered?

  We have many arrangements for classic photo albums as well as custom digital creations (depending upon packages).

How far will/do you travel for wedding photography?

  We are located in Webster, NY a suburb of Rochester, NY. We typically travel in and around the Upstate NY area. However, we also are available for weddings any where in the US. For pricing and availability, please call or e-mail with your contact information for quote.

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